Stay ahead
of the curve

Blue squid is a solution driven IT-company that helps companies seize the opportunities of smart-IT and stay "ahead of the curve". With a unique combination of smart IT-tools and smart IT-Services. 

What we do

Smart-IT has a huge impact and is changing the world rapidly. Continuous fast and first-time-right IT improvement is increasingly required, while expertise is scarcer than ever. Blue Squid helps companies do more with less with smart IT-services and smart IT-solutions.


Blue Squid focuses on increasing the agility of companies with the help of smart-IT, gaining better access to special know-how and reduce costs. 

IT Offshoring

IT offshoring helps you focus on your core business as much as possible. Whether it is a one-off IT-request, a part of your IT-maintenance or a major IT-development project, we make IT-offshoring accessible to you.

IT Professionals

We are your business partner for flexible deployment of IT-professionals. From Information Analysts, to Developers or Project managers. Professionals with the right knowledge and experience, suited to your organization and organizational culture.


Blue Squid offers multiple unique smart-IT solutions, that make work easier, increase efficiency and improve management insight.


With the help of this Repair Tool, service engineers can make better diagnoses, solve problems first-time-right and provide useful field-data to decision-makers.

Want to know more about SmartFix?


A smart Quality Check Tool with which companies can efficiently execute their quality control process. A solution that found its origins at Toyota.


A unique Parking optimization Tool for logistic companies, with which they can efficiently manage their logistics fleet.

About us

We believe that the fast and first-time-right adoption of Smart-IT is the best solution to ‘stay ahead of the curve’.

With our experience and network of professionals and business partners, we make IT-development offshoring and Smart-IT solutions accessible to everyone.

We help to innovate effectively and efficiently, so that our customers can focus on their core business. Doing more with less, is what we like to call it. 


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