Technology Fuels

If you want something new, stop doing
something old.

What we do

As a trusted innovation partner we fuel your digital journey, combining smart technology
with excellent consulting services. We supply strategic thinking, expertise, creativity and
execution power.

Innovation Consulting

No matter your digital challenge, we make it happen.
From strategic advice to powerful execution, maximizing
customer value and creating data driven insights.

Projects & Development

The world is changing fast and changeability is
the new superpower. We are specialized in managing complex projects and provide cost effective development services.

Customers & Analytics

Digital transformation starts with customers
and data. We help deliver a superior customer experience and create deeper insights for improved efficiency and business growth.


We provide human oriented technology within the
Field Service Industry to boost productivity, customer
satisfaction and employee loyalty.

1. Field Service Trans

Field Service Transformation

Deliver excellent service, from
first call to final sign off. By combining efficient processes and smart solutions that only suits you best.


Resolve customer issues first
time right, every time. By
sharing knowledge efficiently
within and outside your

3. Remote Assistance


Collaborate with remote
experts or clients in real time,
without unnecessary travel.
By using easy-to-use AR-

About us

We are BlueSquid. Your creative and dynamic partner for digital innovation. Our DNA is all about realizing ambitions with smart technology, while having fun doing it.

While innovation has no borders, we work with unique partners in Holland, Europe and Asia. And as typical Dutch: what you see is what you get!

What’s your innovation ambition today?


Ian Bovelander


Dennis Wustefeld